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Image of  NO INFINITE Vol. 4


NO INFINITE Vol. 4 - Fall 2016

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Assembled in haste and in protest of the 2016 US presidential charade. Released on November 8, 2016.

Poetry by Anne Boyer, CA Conrad, Jon Papas, Miriam Gabriel / Maryam Imam, Keith Jones, Michael Peters. Boyd Nielson, Daniel Remein, Molly McGuire, Maria Zervos, Andrew K Peterson, Charlotte Seley, Dan Wuenschel, Tamas Panitz.

Translations from the Kurdish by Kawa Nemir, Cemal Süreya translated from the Turkish by Öykü Tekten.

Drawings and visual poems by Feliz Lucia Molina and Paul Ebenkamp.

Cover Art: "Voiceover" by Paul Ebenkamp

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Printed in an edition of 150 in Olneyville, RI. Hand cut, folded, stapled.