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Image of NO INFINITE Vol. 2


Printed on a Sharp AR-M277 Digital Imager in Olneyville, Providence, RI in an edition of 150. Hand cut, folded and stapled. Covers printed on 100% recycled paper.

Featuring work and art by:

Sophia Le Fraga
Jared Stanley
René Char translated by Teresa McMahon
Zach Collins
Richard Owens
David Rich
Mark Pawlak
Patrick Williams
Audrey Mardavich
Semezdin Mehmedinović translated by Ammiel Alcalay
Jill McDonough
Mel Bentley
Derek JG Williams
Inga Eičaitė
Ed Steck
Keith Jones
Joshua Gottlieb-Miller
Tyler Gobble
Jim Dunn
Andrew Peterson
Kev Bewersdorf
David Grundy

Cover by Inga Eičaitė

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